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About Nuts

Company Name Outdoor club Nuts
Director Koichi Izato
Year of Establishment 2004
Company Address 2-7-9-103, Ushitora, Ibaraki, Osaka
Tel 072-665-4346
Email cja13110@ams.odn.ne.jp
Business Description Rafting
Shower climbing and Canyoning
Canoe / Sea kayak
Ski/ Snowboard (winter season)
Base Locations Kyoto (Hozu river)
Tokushima (Yoshino river)
Shiga (Kanzaki river)

The director and founder Koichi Izato started rafting business as a professional guide in 2001, established rafting company Outdoor club Nuts in 2004.
Nuts started up with only 1 boat first as a small rafting company, and now it has grown up to be capable of accommodating more than 100 of customers at once.
As a person with a great deal of curiosity, Koichi has challenged all kinds of outdoor activities himself, that includes travelling across the world to see and challenge great rafting spots. Still now he and his team go abroad, like New Zealand or Nepal, to do training during business off seasons.